We Outside Baby!!!

What's up Basement Fam!!!

Cabin Fever is finally starting to go down and we're starting to get back to some form of normalcy. It's officially summertime and we out making moves! So, I took it upon myself to come up with a summertime playlist for your ratchet pleasure. This is should be your mood ......

Some of the artists on this playlist are on XXL Freshman playlist and you'll appreciate their greatness.

This track by Da Baby will get your cheeks to clapping and this is the perfect song to while parking lot pimping.

This is the perfect going out anthem!! Every lady needs this song on their playlist to set the mood for the night.

Flo Milli is one of my favorite femce because her confidence is off the charts! This is track you need to hear when you walking into a space to fee like that "girl". Especially when you feeling your self this song is a whole vibe.

Men have their songs celebrating their bromance, Tokyo Vanity gave us this banger to hype up our favorite person. We all need that push from our best friend at times.

This song is so Florida and I love Saucy Santana for it! His songs are turn up empowerment anthems which is one of the reasons why I love him so much. Santana's song embodies a great time and getting to the money.

Basement Fam I hope you guys enjoyed my list and be safe while out on your debauchery activities. All good memories start with a dope playlist. This is what I'm trying to provide you guys with today. I know my ladies will be out looking fabulous in their shorts and sundresses. Let's be real it's summertime now with BBQs, festivals, and parties back in full swing. Until next fam!