Who Is Jus Bvndy From The Bronx NY?

Rising East Coast rapper Jus Bvndy may be on to something with an entertainment career.

The 24-year-old artist has only been doing music for 11 months but has already managed to garner features from artists like Lougotcash, Tj porter, and Richie Rozay to name a few. Born and raised repping the Bronx, New York, Jus Bvndy grew up with street life, running blocks, and hustling. It wasn't until recently the people around him, convinced Bvndy that his talent in music would be far more conducive to a better life then the streets would.

Jus Bvndy has an array of sounds and is very versatile when it comes to covering the allotted time on a track, his latest EP "Premeditation" is out now on Soundcloud and features 5 tracks including an appearance from earlier mentioned Lougotcash. Within his first year, Jus Bvndy has been able to accomplish more than other new artist emerging on the scene. Check out his latest project "Premeditation" and be on the lookout for more to come from the Bronx native.

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