Who Is Kayla Chenelle From The City Of Tree's?

Kayla Chenelle is an emerging artist from North Sacramento the "City Of Tree's" she started taking music seriously back in 2014 when she dropped her first song "Where's My Doe." When dropping the track she didn't expect it to be the very start of her career. After releasing the song she received an outpour of love from her peers that in return changed her mind.

Once the song was live she garnered 200+ plays overnight with no following, which began to fuel her next steps with music. Once Kayla Chenelle got a taste of what it might feel like to be an artist, she hit the ground running making plans to drop a second song.

"My dad was really the first person that influenced and encouraged me, he use to make beats and rap when I was a kid, which I always admired that as a little girl. I feel as though it's what fueled me even more to do music.

Now she has released her single "Family Ties" on Apple Music and Spotify. The track is an upbeat hood track that talks about snatching bags and stunting all four seasons, it's what we like to call a money anthem for women.

Check out Kayla's Merch and Single below:

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