Who Is Mornin Afta From West Baltimore?

Mornin Afta is an artist from west Baltimore, who started making music at the age of 14, but didnt start to take his craft seriously until age 16. “I could always write raps but I fell in love with the difficulty of singing and how hard it was to bend emotions. I have created 3 projects;  The Pill, The Pill 2 and Thinking About You. The biggest accomplishment I had in my music career is headlining my own concert in my hometown selling 300 tickets.”

His style is tenor r&b with a splash of hip hop. “I love to write songs that happen in that moment. It could be an argument, a wedding I attended or a new number I just got at a party. The feeling I get when writing impromptus songs are natural and fun.”

Mornin Afta is an artist who write’s a lot so his song selection process is always difficult. “It usually boils down to what I am trying to convey in the project and the feeling I want from start to finish.”

I just moved to Atlanta, so I am looking to collaborate with a major artist. I am independent and still looking for the right team that fits my style and who I am. 

Check out more from Mornin Afta below and stream “The Pill, The Pill 2 and Thinking about you.”




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